We chat with Caribbean people, who’re in relentless pursuit of their passions. Come hear their stories, so that you can learn, laugh and be inspired!


Justin Beausoleil

Justin has worked in the Advertising and Digital Marketing domain for over 10 years. He’s a curious, lifelong learner with a humorous perspective. He’s a geek for technology, digital media, science, film, photography and dank memes. Justin’s passion in life is to learn, grow and share with others.


Dexter Banfield

Dexter is a self-taught web developer with over 15 years industry experience. You may know him from his website for Trinidad rock music, thebandfield.com (2000-2005) or as Tripped and Falling’s drummer (2005-2007) or as the drummer in other musical projects. He enjoys a good laugh and broadening his perspective of life through conversations with people.